Cultural Events Recordings

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12 February

University of Stirling

Introduction to the film  Domesticas (2001) by by Ana Moraes, Doctoral Researcher at the Centre for Cultural Policy Research of the University of Glasgow

Brazilian music performance by Reginaldo Dias and Bob MacLaren


13 February

University of Strathclyde

Jing Han, PhD Student in the Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History at the University of Glasgow:

‘Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White: The Mystery of Colour in Ancient Chinese Costumes’

Talk/demonstration about dyes of Chinese textile


14 February

University of Dundee

 Dr. Fernando Lannes Fernandes, Senior Lecturer in Inequalities, University of Dundee/Pedro Germano Leal, PhD Candidate in Literary Theory and Visual Culture, Stirling Maxwell Centre, University of Glasgow:

‘Brazil beyond stereotypes. An exploration of images and imaginations about the idea of ‘being Brazilian’’

Brazilian music performance by Reginaldo Dias and Bob MacLaren


18 February

University of Glasgow

Demonstration and Capoeira taster session by Capoeira Senzala Group


19 February

University of Edinburgh

Meiyi Chen, MSc Dance Science & Education University of Edinburgh, and Ji Zheng, PhD in Film Studies University of Edinburgh:

 ‘Dancing Spring Festival and Visual Chinese New Year’

Introduction to the film  Ermo (1994) by Francesca Kaufman, PhD Candidate Chinese Studies, The University of Edinburgh


20 February

 University of Glasgow

 Prof Nick Pearce, Richmond Chair of Fine Arts (History of Art), University of Glasgow:

‘Chinese Painting and Calligraphy: Mind over Matter?’

Academic paper

Chinese Calligraphy workshop by the Ricefield Organisation, conducted by Chi Zhang



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